INGREDIENTS: Oyster sauce

INGREDIENTS: Oyster sauce

Oyster sauce is commonly used in Asian cooking especially Chinese. It play a important role to add savoury flavour to dishes, making it an ideal choice for flavouring meat and vegetables. Stir-fries, stew, marinade or even topping are some of the ways of using it. It was once widely popular with Cantonese chefs but now has expanded it’s popularity to others too due to its uniqueness of enhancing flavours without hampering the authenticity of taste, making it a condiment of choice indispensable for both professional or home kitchens.

It tastes salty with a tint of the briny umami of oysters. There are various brands of oyster sauce available in the market but Lee Kum Kee brand look like is the preferable one. For vegetarian, there is vegetarian oyster sauce to use too (prepared from mushrooms, often oyster mushrooms or shiitake mushroom). Once open, store it in refrigerator when not in use is advisable.

Dishes that may use oyster sauce include stir-fried Kai-lan, Cashew chicken, Lo mein, Cha siu baau, Har gow, Wonton noodles, and Lo Bak Go (Daikon cake).

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